men and women

A small project…I like the idea more than the render itself (it isn’t even my own idea tbh), but I think it looks nice anyway.


dude…i hope you don’t have a girlfriend…because you are PERMANETLY in the dog house…

Ha! Love it! (the idea… more than the render - tho its nice, too…)

lol thanks…maybe ill make a more detailed render in a while, but i’m more than satisfied with this, for now. And no I don’t have a girlfriend, but I did showed this render to a girl, and she just laughed…

Heh, I think its funny :). Good job.

wowm thsi is wierd. I did a render based on the same picture, i just havent posted it. WIERD. alot better then mine however. ask me if you want to see mine.

Original! :slight_smile:

Nice, i’ve seen this concept before, quite funny. I think one was an acctual pic of the control boxes someone built. You should do something original with this concept, like a male and female robot with the corresponding controls on their chests or something.


Oh, very good…very true in some respects as well

yeah, you should post yours too :slight_smile: