Men Head

Hi guys,

Want to share with you my last work.
Most of the work whose done with blender, just a little of Photoshop for the Texturing, but most part whose done with the painting tool of Blender.
Cycles Render on 1000 Samples.

Hope you like it !

Good job! Nice textures and lighting! The ear and nose are a little strange, but overall very well done!

Thank you !

I’m gonna see if i can do something for the ear and nose :wink: Thanks for your observation, i’ll take good notes of it :slight_smile:

Here is two renders with some little changes.

Wow! that looks awesome! I’m currently working on a skin material but I can’t seem to get it right…It always looks really dry, could you show your node setup for the skin?

Hi, thanks!

Sure, actually I’ve used the method by Alex Alyabev, just adapted. You can find it here: CGBlender
I’m not sure this is the best way to create a skin shader, but to me, it looks great enough for this project.

Here are the nodes set, I got a diffuse map with a little RGB control, SSS Map, Normal Map and an additional bump map for tiny details (Shiny pores dots on his noise and forehead)


Ok cool, Thanks for the fast response xD

Hair is somewhat it looks realistic, great work !

Great! Second an third picture looks best to me. I think what makes it good are the details like wrinkles, and texture. I think I would put a little bit more SSS because usually I see a lot off SSS in the ears in real life. And put the gloss a tiny bit more rough ?


I thought that this was finish, but if you are not done with it and want some relly nice critics, please, consider doing this: Focused critic