men vs women remake

Quite some time ago, i posted the following image:

I said it was more about the joke, because my modelling skills were still very low. And now that they’ve become a bit better, I thought i’d give it another try. Here it is, rendered in yafray, a few hours modeling:

Nice modeling :slight_smile: and nice joke :smiley: it’s just like the real world :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice!

For me the first version carries the idea better. Maybe because the “men” part is really simple where it has some appliances in the second version. And the explicit marking in the second leaves less room for fantasy. And, finally, I like the typeface in the first :-).


I like the mute button :wink:

Yeah, well the mute button is one of the few things i did came up with myself;) Thanks

Of course, the second version isnt perfect at all, but it gave me a good view of my progression over the past months.

Haha, that’s fantastic! Although I kinda prefer the text on the first one.

actualy the simplicity of the first one isnt bad but the added details in the second one draw the audience much deeper into the piece and give them
material to analyse.

i prefer the second one more, because it is just plain deeper.

WOW! That is funny.

Hahha a small cage on the MUTE button. LMAO

The “Men” part should be on the bottom. The Women part should also have battery backup, wiper blades, curtains, a headache…

NO, NO, NOOOOOO!!! Script typefaces must never, make that NEVER!!!, be used in all capitals. In fact, it should be a CAPITAL OFFENCE.

Despite what the market gurus at NIKE might tell you - DON’T do it people, just don’t do it.

Nice idea Yoeri. You’re not married are you?

What a funny concept :smiley:

The details in this new version are much better than in the original. The large talk button, and small caged button really sum it up.


Nope, but too young for that;)

Thanks for all the great comments. This really wants me to keep going with blender:D I have 9 weeks of vacation now, so more things will follow hopefully:)

You are absolutely right about this.

I’ll try to wind me out of this: The overall effect of a script type on an old fashioned technical gadget attracts me more than some sans serif at a polished current device. Er… I think i would like to see some real script, handwritten, with irregularities.

Nice idea Yoeri. You’re not married are you?

Not anymore, if she even reads this forum :-).

Sexist, kind of stupid …not funny. It seems like you’ve heard stereotypes about women never shutting up, but not had to many experiences with them yourself.

well, that’s your opinion i guess. And even if women DO talk a lot, i never said there’s anything wrong with it. And if you dont like the joke, just dont look at it.

Lol, well I for one think its funny. I really like the whole earphone vs speaker thing :). And 3dmedievil, calm down, it’s just a harmless joke. :smiley: Get a sense of humor.

Anytime that my wife calls me on the my cellphone, I have to turn it down 50%, and still, everyone around me can hear her.

^ then turn it down 75% :smiley:

3dmedieval is Barbra Streisand.

Anyone else notice that the manbox is on top? hehe…

Only thing I’d do is remove the obvious “MEN” and “WOMEN” labels and replace them with something subtler… like the universal male and female symbols, smaller, in the corner. That way the joke’s funnier. At first glance, you’re like, huh? Then, after a second, you see the symbols and make out what’s going on.

Nice! Loved the original and this one’s a big improvement! I, too love the earbud vs. speaker thing, but those speakers have gotta be bigger, eh? The concept kinda reminds me of this joke image:

that’s why its funny: it’s a stereotype. geez. :rolleyes:

I personally hate the default blender text. ANYTHING is better than that. I recommend you label the switch on men “on” and “off”. I kind of like how the original was more related to complexity instead of volume. Everything on the second one seems to be related to sound.