Menorah (Ancient oil lamp)

This is my first image posted here as a work for it own since ages. It’s not much of a complex work, nor does it show anything new in 2.4. Initially it was soppused to be a work for ‘Hanuka’, but I didn’t had time to complete it and the holyday is alrady over - but the result is nice and I want to share it with you. It’s pure blender internal, the onlt PostPro is the glow plug-in.

C&C’s Are wellcome - Aner Ottolenghi.


Very nice, there’s a good sense of atmosphere to your picture. It looks ever so slightly cel-shaded, but I think that is a really nice look.
Moment of confusion - isn’t a menorah a seven-candle candlestick?

Actully a Menora is a lamp, that include all kind of them even an electric one, your’e talking about Hanokia, or on the seven candle Menora.

@ner, a nice one, i will like to see more Jewish stuff on blender,
btw from where are you in israel ?

A very nice image as always.

Looks really good. Realistic. Great work.

How much of the render is postpro?

An animation maybe?

Has a nice warm feel to it. So 8 day’s is’nt enough time to finnish it? lol
Shalom bro,

Pretty cool. How did you do the flame?

Beautifully composed and rendered, @ner.


Like the lighitn and texturing ont he side - v nice


Thanks for the compliments, guys - how about some crits?

As Fruch said. ‘Menorah’=lamp. But when one refers to “the” ‘Menorah’, he usually means the seven barrel lamp which lit the ancient temple and gave the insperation to most ‘hanukias’. Thanks for the compliment.

Check youre PM. :slight_smile:

thank you :smiley:

As I said - the only post pro is the glow plug-in. That means that the render was postprod in blender it’s self. The only really visable effect is the aura around the flame (which part halo material and part the glow plug-in). I thought of doing animation - but I’m not very good at it and I don’t have much time.

‘Shalom aleicha’ :slight_smile: I tried to finish it in 8 days but unfourtnatly I hadn’t the time.

The flame is actually an ordinery material on an ordinery mesh, enhanced with a halo and the flow plug-in. I’ll try to upload the.blend - it shouldn’t be that big.

Coming from you - it’s a real compliment.

Thanks mate.