Mental Ray classroom ..light test

I am not sure if i am in the right part of the forum here but anyway.
I just wonder if somebody would be keen to have a go on the mental ray classroom

and do some lighting tests ?

I would like to use only blender internal for this . So we all have the same tools to work with :slight_smile:

I dont want this to be a competition but more like a learning thing.
we could share our files so everyone can check the settings light etc …

If somebody have the file it would be great .it supposed to be somewhere on the evermotion website but i could not found it …i can just model it if we cant found it anywhere.

Sorry about my English
Thanks Martin

Hi I got the file but it`s a *.mb … maya file could someone with maya save it as obj for me please ?

Yeah I can convert it for you.

Uploading as we speak.

Ok done.

You’re going to love this.

I really like to have a look. What .txt stands for?

Wowser! Thanks for the link.

you’re not just a troll, but a very young troll. :slight_smile:

NinthJake awesome !! thank you very much !!

Bigbad nice link! Thanks for that. I will have to play with some of those files :slight_smile:

michalis what ?

good luck with blender internal

the difficulty of lighting increases proportional with the amount of objects in the scene :wink:

This thread only has solution using the blender with GI that comes in Sintel DVDs.

I did a test with the official Blender 2.57 using a glossy shader to fake GI with nice results. :slight_smile:

@Kai_KostackKai Kostack nice its look good to me :slight_smile: thats another thing what i was thinking …maybe one clay render and another one with textures

btw: should i create new threat for the tests or just let this one go ?

Looks great except the dark ceiling at the top right and the rest of the ceiling being like a mirror. Perhaps different glossy, strong glossy on the walls the camera don’t see and less glossy in ceiling and floor and others that look rare/wrong.

here is my render … i will try to make it better…btw got no idea why the heaters are so bright ? will definitly make softer shadows for the area lights what are in the windows now ( they are to sharp i think)

Do you use Approximate Ambient Occlusion ?

Here is my old attempt to render this scene in Blender
It’s not too good but anyway…
I can recommend to read few times Jeremy’s Birn Digital Lighting & Rendering (first and 2nd Edition), and try to learn as much as possible from tutorials like simulating GI / fake radiosity - even if they are no blender related.

I will in this year probably rerender In Blender this scene again
so if I will be pleased with the results I will post.

the main long lights are good color wise - maybe a bit to reflective
but what lacks is the absent of shadow and contrast rich key lights.

it looks somewhat like a picture taken with flash they always lack 3D depth.

Yep that is correct there is too little contrast.
Absent of shadows are related to the high angle of key light. Almost 75% scene is located in shadow area.
The key light is turn to the camera.
There is to little key to fill ratio, and I don’t use AO.
I agree the scene lack of 3D depth.

cekuhnen Yes you are spot on :slight_smile: i did use approximate … I used environmental lightinng and indirect illumination for that one …unfortunately with indirect its always approximate :frowning: … that will be the reason for the bright heaters.
Indirect does not have to be used just for glowing balls does it ?

czarek77 it does look a bit to flat. Try to play with the lights more and post it here. And i think that for interiors you want to use AO or something like that. I should check the book you have mentioned . Thanks

to moderators: should i open new threat in the test section or you can move this one ? It does not really fit in to the news section any more :slight_smile: