Hello everyone, hope we’re all well!

Brief background about myself; I was previously a Graphic Designer who started hopping into illustration and I’m now wanting to get into 3D modeling via Blender.

After teaching myself illustration I’m aware of how long it can take to teach yourself something new and the amount in which you can go astray due to not having the proper resources.

Wanting to be respectful of people’s time who are more experienced than me; I was hoping to find someone in which I could either arrange one on one sessions or simply email with something I’m struggling with and receive proper and helpful advice at a negotiated rate or price.

Naturally, I’m aware of the millions of tutorials out there though sometimes it can be challenging to find the right terminology or find the exact resource to help solve the problem you’re working through. As I’m studying at Uni I wanted to save time with the learning curve and have some assistance so I can get straight to work so to speak.

Below is a screenshot with something I’m currently struggling to model. More specifically I’m struggling with how to replicate some of the curves in the palm.

Looking forward to everyone’s reply and responses. If you are interested please post your email address with a little about your Blender and professional background and we can go from there.

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Hello Chai, check my message and thanks in advance.

IME, a person is primarily better off by first making a good foundation within self by understanding the mechanics of ‘re-creational’ process in whole, building a mental construct of the workflow “from an idea (sketch) to a production ready digital asset (of any kind)”.

So, in most or many cases such as this, it’s best to ‘reverse-engineer’ the form, model a base mesh (which also becomes an asset for future endeavors) then adapt (rig) it to the pose and finally fine tune it (detail) specific to the task (goal in mind).

(DM, if interested)

Hey Chai -

feel free to send me a DM!
My Reel:

I’ve helped folk in the past with certain workflows and specifics ^-^
Usually a few hours over Discord/Skype got them where they need to be.

Feel free to send me a DM!

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