Menu Draw Speed

Is there any way to speed up the drawing of the menus - ie those created when you hit the space bar, the object menu, etc?

It takes about a half a second for each menu to draw - an eternity…

Didn’t find anything in the forums so any help would be appreciated


get an nividia graphics card

intel cards, and others, are bad at opengl, and really bad at 2d stuff, including but not limited to drawing to the front buffer (which is how menus are currently drawn). so, until the code changes (will it?) you are a bit out of luck

you could try updating your drivers

Hmmm… everything else I have that uses opengl works great. I can use really heavy opengl games without a problem.

On the speed test, what sort of FPS is reasonable?

I’m using a laptop so getting a different graphics card is out of the question…


It might help if you turn off International Fonts in the Language & Font section of the User Prefs (At the top of the screen)

It helped my display go much faster.


Thanks for the suggestion,

it appears that internationl fonts is off by default. Changing it didn’t seem to have an impact one way or the other.

I’ve tried both upgrading to the latest driver, and downgrading to earlier drivers, and it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

I’ve got an AMD compatible chipset, not Intel,

ATI Mobility Radeon 320 AGP

I was being overly generous on how fast the menus render, it takes a slow count to six (four seconds) to render the ‘window type selector’.

Thanks for the assistance…


I found a solution.

In a closed bug report, someone mentioned that turning hardware accelleration to 1 (the lowest setting) solves the menu drawing problem…

Control Panel > Display > Troubleshoot

then set hardware accelleration to 1 tick above off.

Not an ideal solution… but better the millenia wait for the menu drawing…

Thanks for the the help.