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…!!! File Menu for Blender !!!..


> for Export Selected you have to install the Addon from dairin0d and rking:

Hello mkbreuer, do you have some kind of GUI to make those panels, icons, commands, like making window with text labels/buttons/icons with Visual Studio and it generates correct Python code for Blender, everything ready to show ?

Very good @mkbreuer. I notice the Export Selected is working in the 2.71.5 SVN, so no need to install it.
I am enjoying your whole collection of addons.

thx for the info

i don’t know if i have understand enought…
i have my little Phyton knowledge self-educated and made all in Blender Text Editor.

I mean you have template in Visual Studio, you add buttons, icons etc., you name the buttons and Visual Studio autogenerate buttons code based on buttons texts, icons code to Python code for Blender.
I suspected that because your layouts are so good.
Shortly: Python addon GUI for Blender, but you answered already :slight_smile:


For interested party and newbies:
i started with cgcookie free Tuts how to do this
and use the default Blender Templates, Scripts, and some external one.
Thats all.