menu game to bge.want my game to have different object appearing on the top of the screen at random.the player will then click on different options below the obj depending on the obj.then click submit for marking.the game should then display a dialog with the score and a new obj is loaded.kindly help

33 views and no answers?..Bizarre!
You’re asking for too much I guess!
There’s a lot of great tutorials ( and a search function) in the Resources section!

Hi, and welcome to the BlenderArtists.

As OTO said, its a bit much. Looks to me like a whole game.
You will have to find your way to your imagined yourself, i doubt that someone will make a tutorial to show
how you make your game step my step.
but there is on mass tutorials out there to check.

A bit more details would also be helpful, the way you write makes it difficult to understand what you exactly want.

Making little but stable steps brings you closer to your goal :slight_smile:

Maybe a bot?