menu nightmare.

okay, first let me say, hi there.
i am not an accomplished three d renderer, so far i made a duck and well, it sucks pretty bad.
but i’m trying to learn and i really WANT to like this program but there is one gigantic issue that keeps messing me up.
every single tutorial that i have started to watch is useless to me bc, at one point or another, they access the “buttons menu” or some other menu that i am completely incapable of finding.
i did the whole user preferences thing, and the words “buttons menu” don’t appear anywhere. it’s wholey frustrating.
also, i was trying to learn sculpt mode. and this tutorial said “just add a multier” and then of course, they guy clicked on yet another menu that i don’t have.
i started really losing my mind. so i actually uninstalled, reinstalled, and then even found a button that said it would restore the factory settings, so i did that, and once again no success.

this is the screen grab of my nightmare.
please God could somebody help me. i’ve torn out too much hair to do this on my own.

Learning any 3d programs takes years not days or months. I installed and uninstalled blender 4 times before I actualy “got it” Now two and a half years later I am just starting to feel really good about my art. Study, watch others, and don’t just “do a tutorial” make it your own. Us the tutorial as a way to learn concepts not a way to duplicate the tutorial. (Do we really need to see another orange in water?)

You need to spend a weekend with this:

Or here:

Sounds like you are using tutorials that are extremely old and for an old version of blender. That used what was called the buttons window, the equivalent to the curent properties window

Just use one of the hundreds of tutorials for the the current version of blender. There are no lack of them. For example lok at the top of this forum under the ‘New to Blender?’ header. This will take you to a site with a huge number of tutorials for beginner to advanced users.