Menu problem


I’m a noob in blenders game engine, i’ve made a menu, but when i add an image texture it appears four of the same pictures, in the same button:eek:

Can anyone help me?


Me english isn’t the best, sorry, Norwegian…

I don’t know if this will work but it sounds like you should check in the texture buttons (F6). Make sure that map image isn’t set to repeat. If it is try Clip, or Clip cube.
Hope this helped.

you’ve a little UV textue problem, probably…
Have you a “four face” button that repeats the same image texture, or, have you a “one face” button that “tiles” the uv texture?!
In the first case, place the 3D view perpendicular to your button object, press U key (edit mode), choose “project from view” in the menu and in the UV Editor place/scale the vertices in the desired position.
In the second case scale the vertices in the UV Editor to the “good” size!
Is this clear?

The texture appears right in the 3d view but when i save the runtime everything turns out grey!

You’re just the 3,547,845 blender user that forget to pack the file BEFORE saving!


You’re just the 3,547,805 blender user that forget to pack the file BEFORE saving!

how accurate …

@ thread maker
PS :- go to file menu and pack your textures …