menu/screen blacking out?

Anyone else having this problem? It seems that i am having some sort of re-draw problem. I’ll render an image in another window, then closing that window to continue working, all of blender blacks out… zooming on the menus or the 3d screen will sometimes fix this problem, but it is really annoying…

fedora core 2 w/ xfce
2.36 blender dynamically linked
abit nf7s
nvidia fx5600ultra

anyone else come across a similar problem?

whose drivers? what kernel? x11 or xorg?

do you get any errors on the console?

I had the same problem with my radeon 9600se in windows 98 in blender 2.31 or so… probably entirely unrelated

so, instead of closing that window hit f11 or alt+tab

sorry it took me so long to get back.

nvidia drivers .7174
kernel is 2.6.10-1.770_FC2
no errors anywhere on console or in logs…

i am going to try to more carefully track down what the problem might be here before pursuing this too much further. Mostly just curious if anyone else was having a similar problem…

yes, me.

laptop w/ ati radeon mobility igp320, fedora core 2a, blender cvs, xorg 6.8.1-12 (from fedora core 3), dripkg (for getting that damn radeon 3d acceleration).