Menu screens look blurry when I export to .exe

Menus look pixelated when I save game as runtime. The image and the game resolution are both 640 x 480 so it shouldn’t be compressing it. Mip mapping is turned off so it shouldn’t be blurring it. The texture is mapped onto a plane in front of the camera. It is a map directly onto the UV’s (no materials) and BGE is set to Texture Face Materials. When I run the game within Blender I do not get the pixelization. Anybody know when these little pixels are ruing my day?


Thats simply because even if you turn off mipmaps in blender, when you export you’re game in a runtime, mipmaps gets turned on automatically by default. If I am not mistaken you must turn mipmap off when you start the runtime (in commands) like when you want to set the window size or when you want the framerate to show in runtime.

Yes, the setting in Blender doesn’t work for the runtime, try this:

game.exe -w 640 480 -g nomipmap = 1

Nevermind, the image was pixelated in blender too… hmm… I have a .bat file running my .exe without mipmaps in my standalone version. In the UV editor my image looks fine, but when it is applied directly to the object Texface (no materials) it gets pixelated. Is there something I have to do to keep it from compressing. Does packing cause compression?

Also, Is there a tag to turn off the console window when the exe starts?

There used to be, but it was buggy. Also, you may just need to try a higher resolution texture. :s