[MENU] SnapSet 2.79 / 2.8 / 3.0

Addon to change the pivot and snap functions at the same time,
with durable or modal* single-use buttons. All full customizable presets.
snapset_0.3.0 Example layout: Context Menu
Left - durable buttons / Right - modal* buttons
When settings button jumps direclty into the addon preferences.

Version 0.3.7 released for 3.0

Note for release download on github:

Github add the release tag number to the folder inside the download zip!
This cause an error when you try to activate the addon:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'view3d_snapset-0'

Unzip the file and remove this number > view3d_snapset-0.3.7 to view3d_snapset.
Zip it again to install the addon.

Otherwise go into the folder for the user addons and remove there the number from the folder:
C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.0\scripts\addons

Futher updates can be check then via the autouploader in the addon preference!

Some hints / Addon Preferences:

  • the 6 main buttons A, B, C, D, E, F allows to change name, icon or the snap settings.
    The name represent with wich default settings they work.

  • button M = Modal adds by default the hotkey [F] to the preferences keymap.
    It allows to keep the modal close to the selection, when running.
    Blender need therefore a restart or it has no effect.

  • the 3 modal buttons GridM, PlaceM and RetopoM in Editmode are not changable.
    The name indicates how they work.
    The execution depends on the position of the mouse pointer.

  • Panels and Menus are similar.
    Each button can be hidden in the addon preferences.

    The Panel allows also to disable the text for the buttons,
    to use a menu instead of buttons and to switch the layout direction.

    From there it is also fast to add some single functions to a shortcut or to the quick menu [Q]

  • Special Menu is the default editor menu with hotkey [W].
    When enabled it adds a menu to the top or to the bottom of the menu.

  • Context or Pie Menu has by default hotkey [SHIFT+W].

    • The toggle emboss function are only for the pie menu.
    • By default the active snap and pivot function have a transparent backround.
    • Auxiliary Addons are only available in the pie menu

  • Adding Buttons, Menu or Overlay-Panel to the Header
    The positin of the menu in the header ist depends to the viewing header option.
    Disable ‘Show Tool Settings’ or ‘Show Menu’ to position it to the header center.
    Rightclick on a header menu > Header > …Options

  • Adding Buttons or Menu into Header / Snap Setting

  • Custom Icons are the icons in the addons icon folder.
    They can be exchanged with own designed ones.
    For internal icons: just open the icon-reference-sheets
    Attention: the icon names have always to be written as capitalization.

Older Versions

2.77 / 2.79

Link to the github repository:

SnapSet for 2.77 (rightclick to save as…)
SnapSet for 2.79 Version v2.5 (customizable version)

Snap-Sets Wiki

2.8x Update History

Download > 2.80 version from github: view3d_snapset_v0.2.6.zip
Download > 2.81 version from github: view3d_snapset_v0.2.8.zip
Download > 2.81 version from github: view3d_snapset_v0.2.9.zip

Update 0.2.9

  • added new edge snap elements and custom orientation
  • addon updater integretion and new github repository

Update 0.3.0 for 2.81/2.82

  • added place cursor onto surface of an target (permanent or modal)
  • copy cursor rotation or cursor location to selected (in pie menu when align tools are activated)
    Image Context Menu:
    left - permanent switch
    right - modal* switch (previous settings remains)

Update 0.3.1 for 2.81/2.82

  • new path for icon sheets

Update 0.3.2 for 2.81/2.8


I love this idea! Snapping and pivot go hand in hand, and I often find myself changing them both to suit a particular task, only to switch (both!) again for another…

@mkbreuer I made a quick video showcasing this addon as it’s one I always recommend to new users!


Very good!

@jakro: thank you! Great that you found it useful!

I created a new version: see first post
Now you can use a cascade menu, a pie menu or add it into special menu, header or use it in a panel.

All operators works as before excepted the 3D Cursor preset.
It is now modal:
> by default it jumps to all selected
> click rightmouse after run, it jumps to active

Optional: enable infotext for the viewport (only cascade menu and pie menu)

update v0.2.1 for 2.79: see first post

Update to 2.80
Link in the first post


Thank you for the add-on. It goes great with decal-machine, which unfortunately forces snap mode to placing objects to surface setup. This allows me to quickly switch back. Just curious if there is an option to turn off automatic snap enable? I prefer to work by enabling snap by holding ctrl and I noticed that the snapsets enable the snap during transform.

Same Here. The add-on could be great but I don’t like the automatic snap enable. I had to comment all the lines with “use_snap = True” in ot_snapset.py to make it usable for me. It could be great to have the option to turn it off in the preferences.

Thanks guys for the feedback…
@Colacuve: i will try if i can make a modal version…
@eltarbos: i created a check button in the addon preference. There you can easily turn it on or off now.
I inform you when i add a newer version to github.

Actually what @eltarbos mentioned is what I was looking for. Thank you for addressing this

Thanks a lot!

Modal versions are also now included!
I will do much more for custom tweak now.
Let’s see how far we coming…:wink:

This is a very handy tool. Thanks.
Maybe it can’t be done, but one thing that really annoys me in Blender(Max is my usual package) is setting the origin to a vertex/edge/face. I have to go to edit mode>set the 3dcursor>go to object mode>set the origin to the cursor…it’s way too many steps. Is there a way this could be done in one go by selecting a vert/edge/face>origin to selected?

Yes, i already did it! But that is a update for the origin setup!..

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Great! :slight_smile:

Also, is there a way to change the transparency of the pie menu buttons? I would like to make them solid. Thanks.

yes! But the transparency let you see what actually snap settings are active.
I create an on/off for that too!

last implementation:

  • modal for grid, place and retopo. (+remember of previuos settings)
  • fully custom customization for the button in the addon preferences.
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Update v002 for 2.80 is available in the first post.
Now fully customziable:

  • name for each button
  • icons: internal or custom
  • general settings: snap use and emboss (pie menu)
  • settings for each button
  • modal hotkey with customziable setting: default place

Ideas to improve something?..

You can do that with a built-in addon to 2.8. You have to turn on the addon though

In the addons section use the search function and look for “pie menu”.
You should see at least two addons come up (both disabled by default):
Pie Menu: 3D viewport Pie Menus
Pie Menu: UI Pie Menu Official

Turn on the first. You’ll see a number of new pie menus you can toggle on or off. A lot of them are redundant or might not be useful to you. Look for this one:
"Origin Pie: Hotkey “Alt Shift O”.
Toggle that one. It gives you some neat options to set the origin to the bottom of the geo/to your selection/ to the middle of your geo/to your cursor etc.
You can now use the origin to selection option. The only downside is that it sends you back into object mode but you might be able to fix that by changing the script (haven’t done so yet myself for some reason).


I have a number of questions/feedback. Sorry if it’s rather long.

Could you clarify how to access the context menu and what it does? Pressing W doesn’t do anything (using a fresh 2.8 install).

The button modal part. In the addon ui it says Append tookey: Button M. What do you mean by that? It seems to imply it adds a keybind to M (which it doesn’t).
It does add a keybind to the F key (as it indicates), but that toggles place snap without a way of changing it. It essentially adds a new move bind to F with the place snap (which is face snap+active+align rotation to target+project individual elements). What am I missing?
Edit: figured this out. Should be clarified in the UI.

Toggle Emboss for Tools in the ui isn’t clear as to what it does. Took me a while to figure out it removes the transparency that shows what is/isn’t active in the pie menu. I don’t know if that’s possible but wouldn’t it be a lot easier to have the active tools be highlighted like it is in the ui?

Using custom Icons isn’t quite working or it isn’t particularly clear how to use. It causes menus to disappear and the addon to bug out.

Appending to the header is maybe not working as intended? Sometimes it doesn’t show. When it does it’s overlapped by the default ui menus.

On the pie menu I’m not sure how relevant the move/scale/rotate/annotate and measure buttons are since they’re rarely clicked on, available on the default ui and add more clutter to the already heavy pie menu.