[MENU] SnapSet 2.79 / 2.8 / 3.0

Thanks for that info about this new pie menus. I will have a look at it.

This was a fast update.
I know there is a lot of information missing,
but i had no time to test it myself on the weekend.

To your questions:

  • [W] is the default special menu. It adds a menu to the top or to the bottom.
    It seem that it has a new id… snuff…
  • [F] is for the Button M. It adds the shortcut to the preferences keymap.
    Button M = Modal > is a customizable operator and is dependent to the position of the mouse pointer.
    This shortcut keep it close to the selection, when running.
    Blender restart needed or it has no effect.
  • Toggle Emboss is only for the Pie Menu. If off the active function (Icons) have a transparent backround.
  • Custom Icons are the icons in the addons icon folder. They can be exchanged.
    To use internal icons: enable the addon “icon viewer” for text editor.
    It show/list all icons that blender use.
    Attention: the icon names have always to be written as capitalization.
  • Header: is not really useful anymore. With a custom editor as a header it would be handy again.
  • Pie Menu: this menu is work in progress and always a proposal.
    Left or right, up or down, there are too many preferences, to create a pie menu for everyone.
    Later i want to combine it with a other addon set.
    For the Gizmo functions: i add a on/off button in the next update. Also fixing the menu bug.
    But it would be handy if you work with a bigger screen.

Is this helpful?

Update v2.2 for 2.79 is available in the first post. Now fully customziable too!
Link for 2.80 is removed til updated…

Modal operator for set origin are now in the new toolplus_origin update v2.4 for 2.79.

Update for full customizable version

SnapSet for 2.79 Version v2.4
new: better addon preference description and small changes under the hood

Update for 2.80
New fully customizable version:

SnapSet for 2.80 Version v2.5
new: info text for header
tip: for curve handle snap use preset closest :wink:

Suggestions are always welcome!

Just an idea that I thought I’d throw out there. This set creation could be made more interactive with an option to add on a tab system on top of the snapping call menu (please excuse the photoshop quality).


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Nice idea! I’m not sure if we could do it easily!
So far i know is the snapping a hardcoded operator…

update v2.7
fix: some layout issues

I added the ability to add the menu or buttons to the snapping layout.
But in your picture i see some lock icons…What are they for?

I thought of it as a way to prevent accidentally changing a preset.

By the way, the day after I posed that suggestion, I discovered this add-on: PresetterProfessional

Yes that is a nice one but not my goal!
This is how one of snapset layout variation can looks now in the settings:

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Update: SnapSet for 2.80 Version: view3d_snapset_v2.8.zip

  • ability to add buttons or menu to headers snap setting

more explanation added to the first post…:wink:

Very nice, why didn´t I discover this addon until now? :smiley:

is it possible to add settings to change the pie menu in the addon?

Is it possible to add a setting for resizing icons in the pie menu?

  1. How you want to change the pie menu?
  2. only the whole button is resizable, the icon will be not be affected!
    Try this one: view3d_snapset_v2.9.zip
    The settings for scaling > Addon Preferences / Menus / Context Menus: Use Pie

Change the pie menu by adding the ability to selectively disable or enable menu items. For example, the ability to turn off transformation tools, as many users use hot keys. Give the user the ability to customize the pie menu for themselves by disabling unnecessary menu items

Is it possible to add a setting to change the appearance of a menu item. For example, make two options: a menu item in the form of an icon and a menu item in the form of a text label - leave the choice to the user

You are right: a menu version is very handy!
I’ll let you know if I add it to Github …

Does the addon now selectively hide menu items?