[MENU] SnapSet 2.79 / 2.8

did you mean to mix these settings?

Addon allows you to create a set of - 1)vertex+ edge+ edge center(as one set) 2)vertex, face(another set)? Instead of a drop-down list - checkbox

Is this a proposal or have you already created it?
In the moment i have no idea how to do that in a short way.
Otherwise it will be a hugh script to allow all combinations!

This is a proposal.
Do you also know a more correct local alignment(in addon reorient)?

ReOrient > Local Methode

  1. go to editmode > select one face as active and press ‘set local’
  2. go to editmode > select one face as active and press ‘custom orientation’
  3. select target and source (active object with local) and press ‘copy local’ (>panel ui change!)

maybe I don’t understand something, but in step 3) we copy the local data that remains the same

Step 1 and 2 is only for the active selection.

  • Step 1 is needed to create a bounding object into the desired direction.
  • Step 2 is the default custom orientation, but is needed for the further make coplanar function.

I will create a new thread and a new repository for it.
There i can explain more…

The next update for snapset would be: mixing snap, pie menu extensions…


I meant local alignment (for example as in maya)


Ok, i don´t use maya! Maybe you can explain it a bit more?
Step 1 creates a new local orientation in normal direction of an active face.
z axis local = normal direction.
Anyway! I will not add this to SnapSet.
Therefore i create a new addon collection with a own pie menu and snapset as part of it…

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Here, I asked a question

That is what ‘Make CoPlaner does!’

You can create a custom dummy in ReOrient as well!
Just open the addon preferences and make it active.
After activation you have two new function in the panel!
It creates a copy of the active object and move it into a separate collection!
All transform datas will be store for a later reuse…

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Is it not difficult for you to take a screenshot to see the result of this function?

When using Origin Set “BBOX Modal” button, please add a point snap preview (may just a color dot) where it will snap to.

offer for addon. Copy 3d cursor orientation for local geometry orientation

Added :
-> snap cursor to geometry (surface align / modal: remember previouse snap settings)
-> copy cursor xyz location or rotation to selected.
-> release on weekend


Will it work in 2.82? Will these features be available in the last release or next weekend. Thanks

This is a quick implementing into 2.81…for 2.82 it must be tested.
Upload to github, but not released.

remove the sufffix master before installation (unzip > remove > zip > install)

I also would ceate a second pie menu layout…

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Thanks for all your hard work mkbreuer and for posing the addon.

Should this addon be under usertool snapset in preferences and is it version 3? Thanks

don’t activate

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1-if you use hardcoded hotkeys it would be nice if you give possibility to change hotkeys in this menu
2-this button not working
3-when we use “face cursor” it would be nice if we can snap curson on edge and in same time align rotation of cursor in median between two face of edge.
4-same for face cursor for vertex snap - align cursor rotation on Z by vertex normal and same time align it by X and Y of edges…

5- when simply make facecursor on Face - it wold be nice if we can rotate cursor rotation place in XY plane around Z axis for example by mouce wheel…

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