[MENU] SnapSet 2.79 / 2.8

This is just for testing before release… 3.0 under User Tools

Point 1:
Context Menu Key [W] > is the default formely special menu…
Context Menu Key [Custom] > therefor you can change the key, just reboot blender after editing.

Point 2:
Remove the suffix ‘master’ before you install the addon (unzip > remove > zip > install)
This avoid the install error message and fix point 2.

Point 3: done
Point 4: don´t know how to do that! Maybe there is someone who could help?..
Point 5: Try but failed…

  • Properties for PlaceCursor (!changed FaceCursor to PlaceCursor)
  • small ui bug fixes

New upload for 2.81 / ToDo 2.82 test
Upload to github, but not released.


Version 0.3.0 released for 2.81/2.82

  • added place cursor onto surface of an target (permanent or modal)
  • copy cursor rotation or cursor location to selected (in pie menu when align tools are activated)

Just check auto update in the addon preferences!


Version 0.3.3 released for 2.81/2.82

Just check auto update in the addon preferences!
Todo: new icons…


Further Dev Info:

  • the extended pie menu will be splitted from snapset into a separate addon
  • snapset will than only include the snap durables and modal buttons
  • also the own basic context and pie menu

For the new pie menu addon
Todo: bugfix, new icons, add modifier presets, etc. …


I got the latest version installed. But I can’t seem to get the hotkey working for the main UI / pie menu.

I had it working at one point. Then I tried to auto update via prefs menu. But then it said it did update/ I restarted blender. But it was still On the old version I believe. So I manually installed the new version. But then my hotkey stopped working / was gone. So I tried to assign via the prefs option again and it never shows up anymore. I’m not sure which operator or pie/menu to call to manually create a hotkey then?

The last version is 0.3.3!
Here you can find the piemenu and key:

On the bottom of the buttons tab you will find a link to typ of events…(Changing Shortcut key!)
ToDo: better key preference…

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Thank you, that worked :slight_smile:

Hi mkbreuer

Just wanted to test this very interesting plugin, but I get a Traceback error when I try to activate the plugin. I guess I’m running a wrong version of Blender? or what can the reason be?


Anmærkning 2020-05-08 232204

From where you have downloaded it!
The addon folder name is wrong:
correct: view3d_snapset > not: view3d_snapset-0

Hi mkbreuer,

I love that you were able to integrate part of your icons into the standard snapping menu!

Is there any way you could alter the grid snap settings to work where if you active GRID SNAP it ALWAYS snaps to the grid plane points rather than arbitrarily in screen space as is the default? This seems incredibly odd behavior, and very unintuitive (both Max and Maya do not behave this way).

38 second video showing the issue -


Is this something that can be fixed?

Also, is there a way to increase angle snap to more than just 5degrees. ie. have a setting where you can input, 15, 45, 90, or any other value as your default snapping angle?

Maybe i can do something…but your link is not free sharing?!

MkBreuer -

Sorry about that - I made it public, please try again!

Thank you!

Hy Chris, i watched your video, but i can’t do anything here with snapset, because it use the function that comes with blender by itself.
What you are showing needs a main behaviour change and has to be requested.
Maybe here RightClickSelect.

Thank you!!

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