Menu Troubles?

Okay it’s not like I haven’t made a menu before but for some reason any time I attempt one everything never works. I suppose it could be my computer but other menus have worked before. Anyone who is willing to look at my menu system and A) find something that I did incorrectly or B) tell me it works fine would be greatly appreciated.

Blend File

Again, much thanks to anyone who can drive my insanity down a notch.

| Sanguine |

nice little menu idea too bad im a noob who doesnt know why it does that

On your “Quit” button, you must connect both the Mouse Over sensor and the Left Click sensor to the Quit Game actuator. The way you have it now, it is responding to all left click events, not just the ones that are over the button.

Okay my buttons are finally playing their IPO animations but when I press play it still only shows my Game scene for about a second and then quits. Even though the logic bricks are different they both perform the same functions when clicked on.

Could my problem be fixed using python instead of logic bricks?

I don’t think I understand what’s happening. You click the Play button in your menu, then it switches scenes to the Game scene, but it promptly quits?

I’m not having that problem in the .blend that you uploaded. I changed the Set Scene actuator to set the scene to Game, and when I clicked the Play button it switched scenes like it should, but it did not quit.

Really. Well I do suppose it is my computer then. I probably should blame Vista. Thanks blendenzo. Atleast I can progress without any worries now.

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i changed your .blend a bit, and this works perfectly for me:

Thanks you dj2k. It works perfectly for me now. I suppose it was my logic brick setup then.