Menus not disappearing after cursor is not on top of them anymore in 2.5/2.6 series..

In 2.49 the color menus didnt stay on top after you moved away from them, they disappear when you stoped being on top of them.

In 2.5 and 2.6 series the color menus stay on the GUI even after your mouse is away from them… that sucks , this also happens with the menus where you can search something, like in the scene menu for example… this also sucks…

Will this ever be fixed ? or never ?

anyone ??


i think you need to select one color then it will go away!


…or report it as a bug.

On the bug tracker…

…so maybe it’ll get fixed.

it disappears when i move cursor to right, down or up. Only to the left it stays.

It will disappear if you click with left or right, and this will NOT affect anything (except for that menu disappearing)

please do not remove this feature, it’s very important to have the color picker stable.
especially for manual color presets & copying settings.
as Sago said you simply click off the color picker & it’s gone.

Agreed, in part because I think there actually was a complaint early in Blender 2.5’s development that the color picker disappeared too easily.

However, I’m thinking that the picker could also disappear if the mouse travels far enough outside of the widget, though at a distance where it wouldn’t inadvertently disappear on you before you’re done with it.

at least as an option, it speeds up the workflow…

like in 2.49 was better…

currently I can mouse off the blender screen, open a text editor & the color picker remains intact.
this makes it easy & time saving to copy settings.

cool, do you do that every 5 minutes ? or once every now ad then… ?

as i said , make it an option…

TweakingKnobs, no not often, but I did recently.
I thought then that it was cool & I’ll use it again in the future for adding specific materials to scripts.
& yes an option would be good. Options are always nice. :slight_smile: