Menus sliding away makes Blender unusable

Fellow Blending community,
I just installed Blender 7.0a and the interface has a very funny bug: as soon as I move the mouse, the menus and buttons start sliding away and multiplying until I can’t see them anymore or I just see a blur. This makes blender unusable. On the screenshot, it’s very noticeable on the bottom pane, it’s just sliding away into the void.

I have an Acer Iconia W510 Tablet convertible with windows 8.1, definitely not a graphic beast (intel integrated graphics) but still runs a lot of 3D stuff smoothly. It doesn’t seem hardware is the problem. I looked around the web and the forum, yet didn’t find anyone with the same problem.

Does anyone have a clue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Graphics issues usually related to graphics drivers, check websites for latest
In user preferences / System try the various window draw options with VBOs on and off

Thank you! I spent a while playing around randomly in user preferences/system and, in case anyone has the same problem in the future, the issue disappeared when I set “windows draw method” to “full” instead of “automatic”. It works now :slight_smile: