Mercedes 300SL --wires--

Hello all

I ve been working on this since I finished my Beetle. I just love this supercar model.
well the front i.e. the hood and the front face, light is done. Now I gotta work on the gullwing doors :smiley: and interiors to show them open as well.

older UPDATE


here is a wire

comments and crits will be appreciated

heh a kuick update on the wheels

the back end needs work so I will post the thing next

c&c welcome

really nice. this car is cool.
everything looks good exept for the thing on the side which i guess is to let air out, it is a bit to low it is not touching the top.

thanks the_one,
are you talking about the fender-fender or the side small window with grills ?
if you are talking about the grill thing then its in the right spot as I used Blueprints, and the fender-fender needs to be fixed in proper place

I liked your website btw, but there is no content in it.

i was talking the side thing with the grill but i meant that it looks like the grill is not touching the top. Is it normal?

thanks for the website. I have a lot of work for the website but I am taking a small break.

oh if you are talking about the grill not touching the top of the housing then you are spot on I must have forgotten to do that :P.

thanks for that dude :slight_smile:

ok an update now
although this render is only of the front the back side is done as well
only thing that needs some work is the door and interiors.

will update next soon
comments and crits welcome :slight_smile:

That’s nice wish i could model like hat, nice material.

Hey thanks yor1001,

I ve been working on that material for a while, and I am still not satisfied completly.

Hi guys, after a loo–ong time, I decided to remodel this one …
I really got to finish this car

what do you think fellas :slight_smile:

an update:

  • some tweaking on the doors
  • front end almost done
  • hood tweaks
  • started with the interiors

c&c welcome

Great job Garphik!

I really can’t wait to see you finish this Merc and make nice renders of it.
I always love the cars you model (in real as in 3d).

It would be nice if one day you do something else with the models than “just” making beautiful renders. A small animation would be great! (p.e. the headlight turned on and off) :smiley:


oh thanks buddy,
thats a real motivator. I have a plan to make an animation of one of the models, but the biggest roadblock that comes to my mind is the rendering :D, I gotta make on one weekend and hit the render button on a monday morning :wink: the headlight thing is a great idea !


Back with an update, on the interiors (just the dash is done)
more to come later,

c&c welcome

This is probably the sexiest car ever produced. I am probably a bit biased, but my grandfather drove a '57 300SL, it was red with knockoff rims. The only thing I can see that appears out of scale with this car is the width of the door sill at the bottom. I have seen a picture of my father as a little boy sitting on the drivers side of the car, and the distance from the outside of the body to the interior of the car is much thicker. The frame of the car was thick through that area I believe help stiffen the chassis in racing conditions. Sorry for long winded responce, but Great Job over all.

Beautiful…detail…it’s all in the detail. You dash is a thing of beauty. Keep up the good work…and good luck rendering.

thanks for those kind words dude. I agree this was the most beautiful looking car. And …wow ! your grandfather actually owned one ? cool.
About the door things, agreed to the crits, I have to yet work on the door details. Thanks again :slight_smile:

thanks man, yet more details to come there :smiley:

cheers fellas

very good modelling work. With a good texturing and lighting it will be spectacular.

brilliant modelling garphik, superb detail! :smiley:

Edit: 1500th post! :slight_smile:

thanx Alvaro, yes I need to give a little attention to the materials and lighting here.

thank you Alex_G