Mercedes Antos with trailer


Cycles, 1200 samples, retouch in gimp.

I hope you like the ambience of this scene. :wink:


good result overall! Truck looks very shiny and new, but that’s OK.

Outstanding! Looks like real.

I like the lighting your using in this scene. 18 wheeler models is not something you see here very much so its nice to see this. I think I would put a driver in it.

it’s nice but there is something strange with the trailer and the cab alignment…and the truck direction with the road.

You are right. The angle is to small. I saw it but I really cant tell you why I didnt corect this mistake. ;/

That’s really realistic looking render! I assume that the backround/backplate is HDRI?

Very nice job modeling the truck and great job compositing it into the scene. My only critique is the blurring on the back of the truck which ends abruptly half way up the trailer.

Yes only HDRI nothing else.