Mercedes Benz-CL 600 2007

well my latest project
its a bit early to ask for C&C but feell free to leave any, oh wait i just ask din’nt i:evilgrin:

well here is a small update
C&C welcome
oh and im not planning on leaving the inside edges so messy i just draged then in for the test render

Looking good! Clean cut and stylish

This is extremely good.

I have only two (minor crits):

  1. I can see a surface "twist’ that I cannot see in the real car (see image for details)
  2. In some places you use an excessive amount of loops while you can “describe” the shape with a lot fewer


This is realy a nice and clean modell you got going! This will be one of the few car modells that I will follow in progress! Realy like it :slight_smile:

yes, very clean and promising start you’ve got there

Amazing stuff.

wow thanks guys
cipix that a lot comming from u, anyways i removed a few loops, im planning on going back to the front and fix the twist and other stuff after ive finish the back the front is kind of a pain in the

as for update just a small one i did yesterday i just came from the doc nothing serious but i feel like relaxing now might do something later

Oh yes, that looks so nice and clean. What did you use to render that?

wow great start !
which render? i think that you didn’t use the internal render…
keep it up :wink:

thaks for the feedback Jurgen and stouckol the previous renders wer done with indigo not much done i finished the back part of the body the grill for the front a few tweeks her and there. here is a yafray and indigo render, it aint a contest i just like to play around with them bouth i guess


after not doing any work on this project for a wile, i got a bit of push to star it back.

i have a problem i cant get the light to be transparent with indigo. i open blender and add the same settings to a different model and it works perfect so i cant understand why it don’t work on the light model im using indigo_07_test7 with blendigo v0.7t7 can anyone give me any help


just thought id give this away since im never going to finish it, I guess new car modelers can use in as reference the mesh is reasonably clean. only the car frame in finish no light and other important stuff

Thanks. It’s always interesting to see how other people do stuff. But it’s a shame you aren’t going to finish it.