Mercedes Benz Sauber c9

This is a model of the Mercedes Benz Sauber c9 made in blender 2.72 cycles render. The post processing was done in photoshop. I thought it was appropriate to place such a fast car on the salt lakes in preperation for a speed test. Comments are appreciated.

Edit: Here are some new renders
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Man, that is beautiful! Nice work! Would love to see more renders and a wireframe.

Very nice result! I’m not a fan of the car itself though, the front looks very clumsy . . .

Wow, amazing render! I would love to see a more frontal view. :slight_smile:

nice job on this, the compositing is excellent as well. It feels like it’s part of the background

Here are some new renders of the car

Just lovely. Everything looks awesome!
Hey, maybe some little too big gap on the top/back of the door.

cool stuff! bit graining your renders, dont sharpen them too much :slight_smile:

The new renders are absolutely gorgeous! I hope this gets featured.