Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ( Transformer )


So here is my lastest project. legs are still working on.
Here is few pictures of it.
Animation of it

wow! amazing!

Thanks peter18 !

awesome work so far, cant wait to see this done :slight_smile:

Thanks bizla! :slight_smile:

will you make the car body transform into a transformer or just an transformer body?

I dont know yet. It will be seen :slight_smile:

Some guns for it.
What do you think? :slight_smile:

Here is thos guns with body. What do you think, Should i keep those or not?

definitely a keeper! amazing modeling man!


Thanks! Rendered in cycles

Love the gun :slight_smile:

The only part that strikes me as strange though is how short his arms are, they wouldnt be too helpful in hand-hand combat

yes I see, I will try to fix that soon as possible ! :slight_smile:

I am very sorry, that i havent been update for a while. I have been very busy…
But here is something!
A car wheel which will be at top of the shoulders.

So here is the car, which will transform to robot in someday :wink:

I get impressed easily, because I can’t even comprehend how you made that awesomeness.

Colors, textures, modeling… are all top notch gj mate!

Thanks DDD :smiley: !

looks great, but I think the arms could be longer and the hands could be bigger. Right now his arms look stubby and small (does he even have elbows?).