Mercedes Benz SSK 1929

thanks, its kind

The making-off:

Hey, i really like your renderings!

thanks :slight_smile:

FIrstly, I love this. This was one of my favorite toys as a child. I had one that you wound up and it ran in a circle. Very cool modeling on this.

My only criticism is that I think it’s a little too shiny. It looks, almost, plastic. I would turn the reflection down a tad. But…I can live with it as is. It is quite beautiful.

Well Done!!!

Yeah you should be right, but this cars are glossy pieces of museum now :slight_smile:

PM: I posted it on Blendswap. Link:

very nice looking result. Although I wish people would stop doing so many cars… this is still a great example. Good work!

I think that all 3D artists have to made a car or a weapon at least once on their carreer. :slight_smile:

Here a new render from the front

Hey…thanks again for the SSK…here’s my first take on it …Somewhere in the gloaming…the original is a 32bit .tif …so this sorta sucks as a converted image…but you get the idea[ATTACH=CONFIG]280449[/ATTACH]

Nice, I love the way you blend it into the image, it’s verry believable.

Very detailed model and nice renders ! You even modeled inside parts like the engine, cool. Also the “cockpit” of the car. This car surely was challenging since its body shape is rather complex in my opinion. Materials look great too, maybe the tire rubber is a little bit off, colorwise, but i cant really judge this, since the wheels at my 1980 cadillac are even simpler. Regarding to the composition, a cool idea to use more darkness. Maybe this better hides visual differences in lighting between background and model. I maybe try this at my model too, that looks a bit like “just inserted”, and does not fit nicely into the environment. All in all, you have very well done !

Your model is verry good too. I think that obtain the good tire rubber material is very tricky. But thanks for your kind words

Very good! I like it alot! The only crit is that in the last image, the wheel sinks into the ground. But overall great!

one of the best chrome and carpaint mats ever seen here. great work!

@Blenderjunkie , thanks for your advise. In fact, the tire didn’t sink into the ground, i’ve just deform it with the lattice modifier to simulate the weight but maybe a little bit to much…

@Eric Fondane , thanks for your kind words, it’s verry motivating.

That is absolutely amazing, really well done.

And you call yourself a beginner…?


Great render and featured! - Wes

Good render. I have a hunchback feeling that it looks like miniatyre, scale model.