Mercedes-Benz W124 300D X 1992

I used to have one of these cars, that is some crazy detail you have put into this. The engine is excellent and overall the images look better than the photos I took of mine when I sold it. Mind totally blown!! Well done!!

Wow, so realistic!

Excellent work!

Top notch work.

Incredible attention to detail.

5 stars

awesome render, this looks so real.


OMG! So much details here...did you also make afluid sim for the fuel inside the tank? ��  


Incredible! Where do you get resources of all parts for modeling? Or are you remodeling existing CAD model for real production?

Maybe there are some '80 CAD drawings in the Mercedes library, but I do not have access to them. Without this image I found on the internet, it would be difficult to get the correct model. Standard drawings are very inaccurate. The rest is a bunch of photos.

and bottom from this site pdf file 97-500 page 4

wow…i first thought this is a bluff until i saw the sketchfab model and the youtube video. Crazy! So many details!

Wow sick modeling details you got there. Well done sir. Curious how you got all dimensions for all the small details liek pips, hozes etc etc

Well, all from images, compared to other parts that I have dimensions.

Wow, incredibly photorealistic!

Thanks for all comments :slight_smile:

extra interior render

Not only is this work phenomenal, but also the subject car is one of my favorite mercedes sedans. Incredible work!

some extra renders :slight_smile:

one more :stuck_out_tongue:


Great work, so much detail!

Really good work :slight_smile:

Great work, nice amount of realism! thanks for sharing!