Mercedes C Class

Hi! That’s my 3rd big project in blender.
52 hours of modeling and 3 months of looking for render settings :slight_smile:
Modeled in blender/sketchup rendered in yafaray.
Every image rendered in ~4 minutes.

and wires

Hope you like it.


Superb! :slight_smile:

Nice clean modelling but the rendering is a bit of a let down too many aliasing artefacts and the use of a light probe that has building in it in a studio render is jarring. The unfinished brake disc was a bit of a let down in a car that is so nicely modelled.

If it is currently four minutes per render you can afford to use more samples, one or two hours for a still render is not bad especially if it will give you a cleaner render. Also try and Google for free studio HDRIs or setup a studio lighting rig.

Modelling for me is 5 stars, rendering sadly 2stars

I don’t know if this is good advice for rendering with yafaray…
I usually use about 8-10 AA passes in the first pass I use about 6-10 samples the other passes 3-6 samples and than I usually play around with the threshold settings the lower you make it the more pixels are re sampled and the longer you render times.

I wish that I could model like you! Did you followed a tutorial? And can you post your render setting?
As tyrant monkey said the render need some extra work, 32 passes on the lamps and in the rendering are more than enough, and for the Anti Aliasing like 10-20 passes, 2 samples and 2 aditional samples and a low threshold value like .005 or lower.
For the wierd reflections its a know issue that subdivision surface can give them, there’s a workaround
And at last I hope that you can post your work on the yafaray forum.

Very nice work, but your lens size is to small, I guess you could answer back with “I am trying to get an agressive look” But real car photographers have the lens size from 75mm to 150mm. You will see that you will acheive a more professional result. (But just like you I used to do the same… I mean look at my profil picture :{D But still, your images look great, just do a few more with the lens settings higher, to show that you know how to also do studio style photo’s)

@tyrant monkey Oh i really forget to add some samples :smiley: (now i know why it render so fast)

Modeling: Like always i used blueprints to make body. After it i was started looking for pictures to make rest of little parts and i tried model it exactly the same like on the pictures. This little parts makes car realistic I think.
Rendering: I used World Lighting and .hdr pictures as sky texture.

I will try with this lens size and you’re right “I am trying to get an agressive look” :smiley:

Thanks guys! Now go render it!