Mercedes CLA

this is my first ever car modeling , after watching many tutorials and never finishing nothing i decided
to take this one to the end. Many things still missing and some of the car parts are for remade thought.

P.S. made the low end grill and it broke Blender , it got too heavy…also my pc is weak anyway

Edit : i dont know how to make the wireframe to be shown , there are some triangles thought


Cycles Rendered and more details finished…

P.S. why i cant remove the images uploaded in the first post…im not so much into bumping or double posting.

Last render , i dont have the power and the skills to continue…

Maybe i was wrong , just revived my old thread … and this model was remodeled most of it.

i dont know how to show the wires , something is wrong , but here it is :

so far, render …

Looking good! For the wires, can’t you just go to edit mode and press Z? That should do the trick.

Or go to the object info and click show all wires

its not showing complete , maybe its too dense , idk.
anyway when im done ill post wires, there was a plugin if i recall correctly.

In the same panel there should be an option to “Draw All Edges.”

Thanks Daniel , Aaron , finally i could take a look at my crappy modeling :yes:

front lights + more…

preyy much done with this one , not happy with it so im keepin the model …

Credit : “Cottages pack” by huggaida , thanks.