Mercedes SLS AMG Renders - Feedback

Hello everyone,

Some time ago I started working on a model of a SLS AMG and now I finally got around to making renders.
Feedback and critique is welcome.

Car paint material, is it any good? Or is there a better way to make car paint?

Btw the windows are blacked out because it doesn’t have a interior, my focus was mainly on rendering the exterior.

Instead of using a HDRi, I tried studio lighting

I think I got the hang of the basics.
but the thing is, the reflections on the car are not so smooth at certain places. Is this because of topology of my model? and are there ways to solve this?

Lighting setup
Rimlights behind the car
The rest of the lighting is for reflections

The studio lighting is too gradienty, it makes the material look as if it has roughness.

modelling looks spot on but here’s an example of the lighting that looks professional.

Also this:

So I changed the lighting a, the reflections are a bit sharper now.

does this seem better?
Already had watched the video a bit but thanks!

There are many imperfections that i can find out. this could be because of topology or just some normal recalculation will do.
You can also fix some of them in GIMP or Photoshop.

Also, check out my representation :