Just 3 characters. Mercenaries. :slight_smile:

nice characters, maybe needs some worn/dirty texture on the clothes (they look a little bit clean). Cheers.

Outstanding work.

Very nice characters, well done!

Maybe, if you care of course, you would differentiate the skin colors a bit for the males.


the woman looks kind of out of place, but it looks great!

Very nice works. They look alive!

Wow those characters look great and interesting to work with and animate :slight_smile: but you maybe should bring the girl in more of the image. It throughs off her importance to me. but other than that good work!

Thank you, guys!

johnnygibbs: Unfortunately, I do not do animation.:frowning:

“but you maybe should bring the girl in more of the image”-The size of the image was a big and go beyond the post. Just click on the picture. ​In this forum, hard settings for publishing pictures. Or am I doing something wrong