Mercury Train Textured v2 (Needs Feedback)

Hello! I’m currently working a train for the center piece of a larger project. I’m mostly looking for feedback on colors and styling and maybe some general feedback about the model. I’m planning on going back and optimizing the model and fixing some workflow issues (like window being subdived when it shouldn’t) along with splitting the model up for better texture resolution. Thanks!


The Mercury was based on a “K Class” 4-6-2 steam loco, not a 4-6-4 layout… So, it only had two wheels behind the drive wheels, not 4.

Also it had creases in the streamlined over-body at the front and I think you have some errors in the “bumper” shape, it seems to be the same height all the way around:

Otherwise, it’s coming on nicely! :grin:

Cheers, Clock. :beers:


I modified a few things just for personal taste. Never intended it to be 1 for 1. I think I might go ahead and remove the extra set of wheels at the front as you mentioned though. Thanks for feedback!

It’s the ones at the back that need to go, loco wheel config always start at the front of the loco, so 4-6-2 is 4 at the front, 6 driving wheels and 2 under the cab at the back.

Are you intending to rig this for animation purposes? If so I can help…

Cheers, Clock. :beers:

I like the overall look of the model and many parts as the pipe on the boilder, the wheels and the rounded front are really on point.
However there are some suggestions I’d like to make.
There are some segments on your model which unrealisticly large. I think you should seperate them into smaller segments as they are on the real Mercury and add some more bolts and welds along the segments borders. Also I think the metal plates need to be a little bumpy which is typical even on modern trains. I found a reference picture on which shows nicely how these metal plates tend to bend (although its a little extreme in the picture). The whole in the panel with the wheels behind it is not really round and above the wheels there is a metal piece which looks little off. If you look at the reference picture this piece is shaped differently on the real locomotive which I would adapt as it gives some nice details. The same goes for the drivers cab which has a sloped wall on the reference pictures. As you said you dont want to make an exact copy this is not “wrong” on your model but I think a sloped wall would be more interesting as it might give you some cool looking reflections from the sun light.

Hope this was helpful :smiley:

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Nice start and I like the colour also.

Just like robert_rske said, some details need to be fixed mostly to make the loco less a toy and more like serious stuff capable of vibrating the ground as it moves.

Now about making it 100% the same as the original is not an artists point… that’s a replicator’s job (my take)

But adding details like on real life helps. Think just how that huge metal was stamped/formed into shape. And if you have some ideas then add the details where parts come together.
Adding deformations on the panels/plates is crucial to realism. Welding panels or putting them in place with nuts? How many and where?
And these details are fun… texturing will be a nightmare to make it look alive so good luck!

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Unfortunately I’ve been busy with work and moving lately so its been awhile. Luckily I’ve been able to put some work into this project again recently and decided to move into a procedural workflow to avoid headaches with UVing. I also updated the mesh to have more detail although some parts need to be added or changed still. Like to get some feed back on new direction. Thanks!

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