Merge a vertex and an edge?

Im using the addon PDT to modelize my sofa with exact dimension.
The great thing with that is by extruding a vertex you can set the right dimension of a line.
But also by doing that, it often happens that a vertex is on top on an another edge.
Is there a way that this new vertex on top of that edge belong to that edge ?
Like merging a vertex with a edge ?
I was thinking of cutting with a knife then remove the vertex to use only the new vertex that the knife created but it doesnt work as there is only a single point.
Thanks a lot

Select the vertex, open the delete menu, pick “Dissolve Vertices”. The default shortcut with Blender keymap is Ctrl + X (works differently depending on selection mode you’re in).

Thanks for ansering
Disolve vertex doesnt merge a vertex and an edge ? no ?

Maybe I’m not understanding the problem. Could you upload a sample blend file? If you can’t post it here, you can upload to and post a link to it here.

with the Tiny CAD addon you can create a vertex at an edge intersection, you need to select the 2 edges, right click > TinyCAD and check the first tools, I’m not sure it answers though

thats answer my question ! thanks :slight_smile:

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