Merge and edit all text buffers

Hello all,
May be you met the same need as me when in a .blend for the Game Engine you have many text buffers and you want to see or print all the code in one page for an easier analyse.
The tiny Phyton script MergeAndEdit that you can import from this .blend fileshould help you.
It merge all text buffers in one file named same as the current .blend but with .py extension and finally open it in your favourite text editor from which you have probably the print capability.
For usage, please have a look in .blend file buffer “ReadMe”
… last minute : please avoid .blend path with space character


Hello Keleido,
This can be useful.
This is simple.
This is what we need to better manage our work on blender.

2 ideas for next version

  1. Put the ReadMe at the beggining of the list
  2. Why not thinking of importing one file to create multiple text in blender :eyebrowlift2: ?

Bye and happy hollidays on blender :wink:


Hello DrClick,
many thanks for your tests.

  1. The ReadMe buffer is a buffer like the other, you are free to keep it or not
  2. For sure, I will add a way to do the return to Blender, this will allows to do some modifications in the external editor. The delimiters tag (# – a_buf fer --) are ready for splitting back the full text in several buffers.
    I’m looking for a better integration, but unfortunately it seems that there is no “hook” to plug a script in the text window menu. May be the Script template can be used… will see
    Have a nice day

What I meant for the readme text was :
If it exists then put it at the beginning of the whole concatenation.

Dr Click

Here it is a new version more integrated with import/Export for Text buffers / IDLE.
To setup it just put into your Blender .blender/script/ directory both file below :


  • Import_TextBuffer.pyYou should see new following menus :

  • File/Export/Merged text buffers to IDLE

  • File/Import/IDLE merged file (.py) to text buffers…Hopping it will be useful to someone