Merge at center destroys normals in some cases

Hello everybody,

I am having some kind of strange problem when merging points - it destroys the normals of the faces…

I am doing the following (see attached images):

  • at the beginning, the normals for that face are correct
  • extrude a face (step 2)
  • press “w” - merge - merge at center (step 3)
  • now, the normals are already wrong :(I cannot fix that problem with recalculate normals or anything like that.
    The problem is that when using simple examples like a cube, it works as expected - that’s why I uploaded my blend file to in case you want to have a look and try for yourself…

Is it a bug or am I just doing something stupidly wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I don’t see anything wrong with the normals in your pics–the final one is the same as the first.
I looked at the blend, but I still don’t see anything. What do you mean by destroyed?

Could you tell which parts exactly seem weird to you and what do they look like and what do you expect them to look like?

One reason might be you are using triangles in your base mesh. It’s very advisable to model subsurfed things with quads only. It’s the nature of subsurfed models, so there’s not easy fix for this, but to learn how to model with proper topology.

Here is a very ncie site if you want to learn more about this whole thing:

I reckon he meant those normals attached to the tris after the merge, they’re not perpendicular to the faces (not destroyed actually), which is quite odd. The blend file on the other hand, did not contain the wrist as in the screenshots, so I was not able to see the problem myself.

Often normals will get messy after scaling and merging operations in edit mode. You can fix this with a Ctrl-A (apply scale and rotation) in Object Mode.

Hey everybody,
the tip with crtl-A fixed the issue for me!

Thanks a lot,
you are a great community!