Merge fail

Hey, I merged my Meshes with lctrl+J But this wierd cut in the middle happended.

I use Mirror and Smoothing

If the vertices are not exactly along the centre line you may need to increase the merge limit in the mirror modifier settings

That’s very likely because when you joined the 2 object, the “origin” of the model then moved.
And it’s the origin point that is the center of the symmetry created by the mirror modifier.

To fix, go into edit mode
Select a vertice of your model in what you want to be the symmetry line again , or select all the vertice in that symetry line (if you want the origin point to be at the center of your selection instead on one vertice)

Press SHIFT+S then “Cursor to Selected” (or click on Mesh -> Snap -> Cursor to selected) to move the 3D cursor on that vertice (or to the “center” of your selection).

Go to Object Mode and click on the “Origin” button (in the “T” panel to the left of the 3D View) and “Origin to 3D Cursor” or Click on Object -> Transform -> Origin to 3D Cursor

The origin point will then be moved where you want the symmetry to be, and your mirrored model will be automatically adjusted.

edit : assuming it’s not just the vertices at the center of the symmetry that are not aligned correctly anymore like Richard Marklew suggest.

thx :slight_smile:

I merged Legs, Arms and Torso.

Instead of doing your thing Sanctuary, i merged arms + torso then torso/arms + legs instead of doing what you said. But ty ! I remember it if it cant be solved like this.