Merge meshes


I am new here but i have a serious question. For a project at school
we have to model something for a game. We already got an engine
but we can only import one mesh. So does somebody know how i could
‘merge’ all my meshes from my model (about 10 meshes) to one mesh??

Thanks a lot in advice :slight_smile:



select all of the meshes

make the one you want them to merge into active

hit control+J

It worked!! thanks a lot!! :rolleyes:

love ya!! :smiley:

ohh by the way…do you also know how i can split them again because of a mistake :confused:

thanks! :o

select the vertices you want to seperate, then press p.

in edit mode select what you want to seperate

[the select linked [hit L with the cursor near a vert, or control+L to select linked of the selected verts] is useful for this]

then hit P

wow! thanks a lot! wish i was that good with blender like you guys :o

Hey thanks i recently started and found this old topic.
but i still got a problem. i select an active mesh and then merge them.
but when i try to change the collor or add a texture only 2 parts (meshes that where
separet before) change color…

any one could help me out?

Thanks in advance…