Merge overlapping UV maps?

I got stuck a little bit: I have modelled a home plant and it consists of 2 separate objects- the leaves and the pot. And the thing is that leaves have overlapping uv map, so when I merge these 2 objects together, their uv maps dont unwrap correctly, they start to overlap each other (leaves and pot textures). And if I try to unwrap single model after merging, it unwraps the model, but it also breaks down all my leaves to separate islands which is not what I want. So is there any possible way to merge uv’s and keep it overlapped?

You might try using more than one material for the plant. The only way I know to do this with one material, would be too move the uv around on the map so they don’t overlap. This means they would have to share the textures.

Is that plant destined to be a game asset?

No, but I still want to make it a single object. And even with 2 separate materials on it I cannot get desirable uv map. Moving uv around manually doesnt help either as I had baked texture for leaves (fully on 1024x1024 image) ready after I did manual leaves’ uv projection

This is very tough for me because in my other plant models I have more than 2 objects - like pot, stem, leaves, etc., where each uses a certain material and texture. And having around 2-3 texture sets on each plant is quite a lot probably, considering Im heading for a PBR workflow as much as possible. Idk what woudl be a best solution for this :frowning:

You need to make 3rd uv map with with everything unified and then rebake textures into 3rd uv map / material to merge them.

I think principled baker addon automates this process, doing this manually is pretty complicated / tedious.

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