Merge Vertices: "At First", "At Last" gone? 2.81

Edit mode. 4 verts selected with the Circle brush, not the box or lasso.

The “At First”, “At Last” options are neither in the menu nor the ALT+M dialog.

What’s up?

You need to have a vertex selected before using a selection operator (circle, box, lasso) or there won’t be a ‘first’ point to reference so the options won’t be shown.

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Do you mean you have to SEPARATELY select a vertex, THEN chose the rest with a different click?

Which, btw, also doesn’t work. Take a look.

It works. Don`t use tool just click select

“First” and “Last” require selection history. Which means click selected vertices. Box and lasso select don’t have a sense of selection order, and so don’t have “first” or “last”. Technically, that just means that box/lasso selection don’t modify the BMesh selection_history. Practically, that means that if that history is empty, you don’t have a first or last selected vertex.


AHHH, y’all mean ::underline:: “click-selected” or maybe “clickSelected”.

I understand why Box and Lasso would not leave a history, but figured that Circle would, since there is a definite sequence to the selection.

Ok, now I understand: but still think it’s a bit lame, especially if the selection order is not ambiguous, as in separated by click-sequence. Also, since I’m full of opinions, I think leaving out options versus ghosting them just leads to confusion: if “At First” and “At Last” were ghosted instead of AWOL I’d be questioning my workflow, not the software.

I’m not a fan of dialogs that constantly present a different face to the user. It’s confusing.

Blender veterans: Is there a GOOD workflow to select a fair number of points (eg, dozens) AND designate the Last Selected? Switching from the Circle Select tool (for its speed) to the “Tweak Select” (to designate “Last”) seems laborious.

Yeah do your selection then at your preferred last selection shift+“click” select to deselect and shift+ click to reselect. It is now your “last selected”. Don’t use tool to single select just use mouse.

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Blender veterans don’t use the Circle select active tool (the one on the toolbar) :wink: They just use the modal operator, which on confirmation returns to default click selection, and you can just shift+click the last vertex as @Rhys says.

I’m sorry, but “modal operator”?

(I’m using Left click select, is this an issue?)

I’m really sorry, but this workflow is just not apparent to me. I’m missing some (really) basic rhythm in the Selection process.

Active tools (toolbar) are new in 2.8x, they simply did not exist before then. Original circle select predates that, and by default was activated with the C key. You activated it, did your selection, confirmed, and were back to usual click-selection, with no additional tool switching involved. Ostensibly, “veterans”, as you put it, would use that instead of the new active tools.

That modal tool is still there, and in fact the new active tool is a wrapper around it. As is the case with other active tools as well.

As for selection itself, it sounds like you might be using wrong tool for the job or missing a different approach (for example, dissolving selection rather than trying to merge it). If you were to show examples of what you want to select and for what purpose, me or someone else could suggest a less interaction-involved alternative.

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