merge verts on a path?

Thw W key does not have merge when i select a path.
i joined several paths together, and would like to merge the forst of one path with the last vert of the next.

F key


ERROR can’t make a segment.
this was in edit mode with two verts selected in 2.49a

i made one path then needed to duplicate cate it a few times and join them all.
each path does not quite join to the next.


glasscoil.blend (792 KB)

press ‘c’ to close a path or curve

Nope than didn’t work either!
it did something but did not join them
please keep tryin’ !

You select the vertices either side of the gaps and press F to connect them. In the curve Tools panel I then would then make sure they have been converted to Bezier curves and then Shift+H to smooth the curve out. If you use this with a BevOb to make a tube you get horrible twists. I believe this is/will be fixed in 2.5.

glasscoil1.blend (321 KB)


I tried F for a third time and it worked
PS any idea how to add several items on the path?