merging action

how to merge action? i got one action that got my lipsynch and another the whole animation so how to merge both?

You go to the NLA editor, and add two new Action Strips, one for each action.
You´ll see two yellow bars. Those are the actions. The placement of the bars determines when the action starts and ends in the timeline. You can overlap them and the actions will be merged. Keep in mind that if there are bones that are key framed in both actions, the upper action´s key frames for that bone will prevale.

If you want to Blend from one action to another you have to select the action bar, hit N, and set the Blending factors.

When working with the NLA, you´ll notice a little icon at the side the name of your rig inside the NLA window. if you right click it, the icon will change from the NLA icon to the Action Editor Icon. When you see the NLA Editor icon, the rig will show the animation that results from the NLA Editor, and if you see the Action Editor icon, the rig will show only the animation of the current action.

really helpfull i can now wortk on lipsynch an animation in parallel.
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i did add my 2 actions as nla strip. but i ve done some few change and i add change some few poses. but then i got the impression that when on the keys i change the pose pop from the old one to the new one. i m in linear . so i have to delete the key then replace it then it works. any idea about this behavior.Did i miss something. It s like if the old action cannot be overwrite and it add the new key on top of the old one?

The two Keys were probably not on the same frame, one was .010 of a frame ahead of the other.