Merging different armatures with animations

Hello, I’m not sure if there is already a thread for this or not, I found a similar one but not quite the same problem.

I have an armature in blender with a an animation for a face. I have created a .bvh file with a motion capture to import into blender and animate the body. My problem is the armatures have different formats since the face animations were made interely on blender by someone else and now I have to animate the rest of my character’s body only with motion capture.

I know I can join the armatures into one by selecting both and using ctrl+j, but this way one of my animations disappears.

Any help? or do I have to remake all the face animations by hand on the new armature I import with the .bvh file? And how can I do that if the imported skeleton has no face bones?

I didn’t animate that much lately so I could be proved wrong, btw try to join the armatures and then re-assign the actions in the NLA window, I’d say.