merging materials for the textures


I was wondering if there is any way to merge several materials with different textures with different UV settings and through the materials settings affecting different faces --> make to ONE material with either one giant texture OR make that material with many textures, the first one is preffered but if it does not work then many textures it is.

Cheers in advanceh!

and if that is not possible at all, is it however possible to mark several objects and change the same attribute at all of them by only changing one? like let’s say we got 100 chairs and I want to change the alpha of them from 1 to 0 in 10 frames, is it possible for me to target all chairs and then do some magical trick so I change the same attribute for ALL the chairs? (keyframing)

If the chairs are identical, you can use the same mesh for all of them, and the material will be connected to the mesh. Go to the mesh panel and select the mesh for each chair from the drop down and assign the same mesh. Of course, if you already have the 100 chairs, it will be a somewhat painstaking process, but once you’re done, you can edit the meshes for all 100 chairs at once, change materials, and do pretty much anything on all of the 100 copies. This doesn’t work for modifiers, though, because mods are assigned to objects. I think you can get over that problem by either using arrays or linked duplicates (Alt+D).

okey so that is one way to do it, bleh was thinking if you could apply the “super trick” such as targeting all meshes --> super awesome key that apply X value on X attribute to all meshes selected ;_; oh well! I will be in pain untill blenderfoundation decides to make that superkey!

Ctrl+C in blender 2.49 to copy a range of attributes from one object to any number of others. Not yet implemented in blender 2.5

Ctrl-L to Link data ( MeshData , Materials ) from active to other selected. Kinda copy function, so you don’t have to edit property of every object.

oh the link data, I’ve seen that before, never knew what it does, but now I know a little bit more! Cheers Jawra and everybody else helping me :wink: