Merging meshes

Howdy all-
First post here, been messing with Blender for about a year and loving it.
I’m trying to figure out how to merge meshes and wind up with vertices where the merged meshes intersect. For example, I can create a cylinder, duplicate it and rotate it 90 degrees to make something like intersecting barrel vaults (think a subway station or church), but I don’t get vertices at the intersections so I can open up the intersection inside. Even if I do the cntrl-j it’s more like overlapping objects than intersecting.
Any solutions? In this particular case I can make a half-tube with a 45 degree end, then dupe, mirror, merge my way to a barrel vault, but if I can do it simpler I’d like that.


the boolean tools do what you are looking for. Select both meshes in object mode and press W. “Union” should do what you need.
The results may not always be perfect in complicated situations, but it’s a starting point.

Happy blending!

Hey, it looks like that did it. One thing, it appears to create a copy of the merged meshes as a single object, in addition to the original meshes, so that’s something to be aware of. Easy enough to delete the originals. This solves my problem.
Vielen Danke!

Gern geschehen :slight_smile: