Merging multiple faces into one

Hi everyone,

I just picked up blender about 4-5 days ago and I’m trying to get myself acquainted it’s modelling tools by doing the famous joan of arc tutorial.

So my problem is when I’m trying to create the arms… I’m basically trying to merge 4 faces into one. And I get an error (see picture)

My hunch is that all the quads have to be co-planar in order to make the f-gon? If so, how would I go about making those particular quads co-planar?

Thanks in advance!

Its because you have the vertice in the center there. Delete that, rebuild your faces, and then press F to make the FGon with them selected.

I’m not sure what you mean by rebuilding the faces after deleting that vertex.

When I build an arm, I usually just delete that center vertex, select all the surrounding verts with edge loop select and then extrude them out (it looks like in your case that is extrude in the x direction), leaving the end open. You don’t need to seal up the end until you get to the fingertips.


What Scotths described is the better method, but here is an image describing what I was talking about:

The third one over is what I meant by rebuilding the faces.

This was also one of my favourite tutorials. For the section you are in now just delete the middle vertex and extrude the edges as a tube. Or you can select all 4 quads and extrude region. Fgons are pretty useless – don’t bother with them.