Merging Multiple Verticies

Hey, I just had a quick question about merging. Is there anyway to ring select (alt + right click) two different sections and merge them together? In this example, I’m trying to attach this arm to the body, and I would like to know if there is a faster way than just going vertex by vertex.

You can bridge the 2 edge loops (CTRL+E -> Bridge Edge Loops) , then if you want to remove one of the edge loops, alt-select it and press X -> Edge Loop

you can do that BUT its not as easy as Sanctuary’s way

select both loops and use remove doubles, sometimes it wont work as expected, if there is vertex in loops closer then the loops are

The Bridge edge loops mentioned above has a merge option that even lets you pick where to merge. F6 key or operator panel

I really should hit F6 or open T panel more often :wink: thanks DruBan !

Thanks for the responses; it works like a charm.