Merging parts

Hello. I have an arch in the wall.pic:
How can I get this arch in another wall I have?(I suppose there is a way to copy it) Tell me, please.

One easy way is just to highlight all the vertices in that wall and copy it by hitting Shift+D. Then you can move it anywhere. At least it is then a exact replica.

I did this way already, deleted some parts of the second wall and then i connected all the verticles with the wall, but i thought there is a way to do it easier

Attached is the JPEG and the Blend file. I think I would have a different approach to the architectural views. You never make it the way you have.

Learn about architectural modelling method first

Also I have attached the blend file. My approach is different.


castle.blend (149 KB)

Thanks a lot, i’ll redo my work=)