merging to keep surface only...

i’m quite new to blender so bare with me…
is it at all possible to merge two meshes in such a way as to keep only the exterior surfaces? so that if two faces intersect they will be split at the join and the vertices and faces on the inside of the object will be removed, so what your left with is a hollow shape?

it would really make my modeling a lot easier.

thanks :slight_smile:

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If you can’t see inside you just deleted the internal faces unless there teeth or eyes or …something that should be there, otherwise your using more memory on something that wont be seen but will be included in each render hehe.


maybe you don’t understand… I’ll try to say it very simply:

imagine you take a simple cube mesh, and you duplicate it. the second cube is then placed so it overlaps the first, but imperfectly. for exaple rotated so its at a 45 degree angle and one corner is poked through a face of the other cube.
you join the two meshes to one object.
now you will have some large sections of the faces which will be unseen as they will be inside the new shape. but if you delete the interior vertices or faces, the whole wall of one of the cubes will disapear. what i want to do is have it so it keeps all of the surface walls but any unseen sections of faces will be deleted.

When you join the two meshes with Ctrl+J, this won’t create new vertices where two edges intersect. For your example above you will need this to happen. If they are two cubes the easiest method would be using a boolean modifier (or in blender 2.49 select both objects and press W). This can create weird geometry but should work with simple objects. You would then have to delete the internal vertices/faces as you want. Note that in your example you cannot have a single face covering the area spanning the two cubes. Currently blender can only have faces made from 3 or 4 vertices (you can fake it to look like more with f-gons, if you want that search the wiki) so you need to be clear exactly what you are asking to do.