Merging two different armatures into one?

As a noob game developer(or something like that), I’m trying to make a first-person weapon model and its animation for fps games. However, I encountered a problem. There are two different armatures, one is a weapon, and the other one is a hand. in the animation, and whenever I try to export it to FBX, one of the armatures of the exported model doesn’t move while the other one does. After some research, I found that FBX export doesn’t like exporting more than one armature. Then, I bumped into the real problem. I animated two armatures at the same time by parenting the hand to the weapon and animating the hand. However, after noticing the fact about the FBX export, I immediately tried to join both armatures into one. however, it seems that the parenting goes away right after joining, which means the movement of the weapon also went away. So the ultimate question is, how to merge two armatures into one without losing the parent between them? Sorry for the bad English and unorganized sentences.

(Before joining)
(After joining)

I haven’t been in this exact situation before, but I would try to use the “bake action” tool before joining.

This tool adds keyframes to every curve for every frame and it can remove parents and constraints. This means that an animation will be converted into pure frame per frame animation that uses only keyframes and will be frozen into the exact final poses you see without any parenting.

Maybe do a backup before trying that, because it’s a rather permanent solution and you won’t be able to easily modify the animation after doing it.

Baking the actions did solve the problem. Thanks!

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