Merging two meshes in same scene, when one was seperated.(images included)

I’m almost certain the title is wrong for this; but here’s the case.

Here’s the deal:

I have several meshes in the same scene, I wanted one to be subsurfed but while leaving the others alone, so I seperated one (I think thats what its called) and subsurfed it.

Main model:

Seperated model:

So, how do I reintigrate the seperated model back into the main model?

I’m sorry if this was answered before here but I hadnt’ a clue what to search for… plus I didn’t find anything in relation to this in any of the tutoriels

If you actually need this to be in one object, you’ll have to apply the subsurf modifier (make all those extra polys ‘real’) and then join the meshes.

If you just need them to move/rotate/scale together, you could parent one object to the other or parent both of them to an empty or armature bone or whatever and use it as a handle.

Ok, but how do I join the meshes?
And, is there a way to make only ONE mesh subsurfed, while leaving the others untouched (without having to seperate them from the main mesh)
I apology if I’m not making much sense here =(

A. Ctrl-J with multiple selection in object mode.

B. Far as I know, no.

No, subsurf modifies the object, not parts of the object’s mesh. If you add a subsurf modifier, you’ll get subsurfing over the entire mesh. If you join an un-subsurfed object to a subsurfed object, you’ll get everything subsurfed or nothing subsurfed, depending on which object was “active” when you joined objects.

Now, the question is, what are you trying to accomplish by separating, subsurfing and rejoining? I’d say you really want subsurfing effects on part of the mesh while keeping the other part flat, but when you applied subsurf to the entire object, unfortunate things happened to the part you wanted to keep flat.

There are ways to do this. One way is to add an edge split modifier, another way is to add edge loops to the flat parts to sharpen up the corners.

A third way would be to crease the edges of the part you don’t want to look subsurfed. Works beautifully on loose parts (a.k.a ‘islands’) of a mesh.